Zithri is a serial social and technology entrepreneur that has been instrumental in the start-up and launch of several established organizations and programs


Zithri is a researcher and serial social-and-technology entrepreneur that has been instrumental in the design and launch of several established organizations and programs throughout the United States. His work experiences and research span the domains of STEM education, digital media production, organization and community development, information politics, technology entrepreneurship, as well as critical race and socio-technical theories, and decolonizing methods.  

Zithri’s research focuses on the sociocultural and economic contexts of how people engage with digital media and information technology in their performance of various forms of entrepreneurship and innovation. His recent work explores how peoples racialized as nonwhite in the United States think about the social and economic benefits of online digital media production and podcasting. Another project examines how sociotechnical imaginaries inform how people develop STEM education and community technology innovation programs. As a publicly engaged scholar, Zithri often functions as both a researcher and participant in the efforts he researches, many times serving as a mentor, strategic advisor or coach to participating technology and social entrepreneurs.

Zithri brings a critical theoretical lens to his work that centers of the roles and relationships of power among peoples, including asking how is power socially constructed, structured and performed in consideration of factors such as race, gender, socioeconomic class, and nationality. Zithri strives to use decolonizing and participatory methods in his work and research by collaborating with participants as co-researchers and partners rather than mere subjects. This approach aims to flatten the knowledge and power hierarchies that inhere in traditional research paradigms. In his research, Zithri employs a range of ethnographic, qualitative and participatory design methods. He is the lead author of the book “This is the Work: Insights on STEM Education and Social Innovation,” and he recently co-authored an edited chapter entitled “Values, Neoliberalism & the Digital Divide: Nonwhite Media Makers and the Production of Meaning.”

Zithri was a founding Co-Organizer for Hack the CD (now Hack Nation) and a founding Board Member of the Inneract Project (San Francisco). Perhaps most notably, Zithri designed and launched TAF Academy (now TAF@Saghalie) as Washington State’s first public-private partnership college-preparatory STEM school. Currently, Zithri is the Principal and Lead Consultant at Zithri Information Associates, LLC, a boutique information and strategy consulting firm. He is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Speak On It (SOI) Project and a Founding Member of The Black Tech Union (Seattle). Zithri is doctoral student at the Digital Youth Lab at the University of Washington Information School.