Books and Chapters

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Public Press and Blogs

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Selected Presentations

Saleem, Z., Math Education and Critical Innovation. Keynote at E-Mode Annual Gala. E-mode. Seattle, WA. February 7, 2019

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Saleem, Z., Change Agents in Education. Panelist at Northeastern University – Seattle, Seattle, WA. Feb 3, 2015

Saleem, Z., Supply-Side Challenges & Opportunities: Roundtable Discussion with Washington PK-12 Education Leaders, Panelist at AIA/NDIA/BISEC STEM Workforce Division Meeting, Renton, WA. July 11, 2012

Saleem, Z., STEM Education Trends in Communities of Color, Keynote at National Society of Black Engineers Region II Conference, Baltimore, MD. November 2011

Saleem, Z., Hilton, T., STEM Education in Urban Communities: Challenges and Lessons Learned from TAF Academy, Presenter at Tech and Learning Magazine Conference, Seattle, WA. May 1, 2009