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About Zithri

I'm a social entrepreneur - a person who is able to recognize opportunities, artfully mobilize people, information, and resources, and create value that would not have existed except for my efforts. As a social entrepreneur, I partner with clients to create social, educational, and economic opportunities for members of impoverished global communities. 


Let's Make IT happen! 

My experience includes over 20 years of leveraging information, education, and learning sciences(s) to develop new products and services for clients across schools, governments, nonprofits, small businesses and enterprises. As a senior-level executive and consultant, I am mutually comfortable with leading strategic work in boardrooms as I am with directing tactical, on-the-ground development of new learning tools, business processes, communities of practice, fundraising initiatives, and academic research projects. Check out my services.

In terms of institutional affiliations, I am a PhD student at the University of Washington School of Information Science; a German Marshall Memorial Fellow (15'); a Governor appointed member of the Washington State Arts Commission ; and Director Emeritus at Technology Access Foundation. 



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What Folks Say About Zithri

I had the pleasure of working with Zithri and his team as they strove to realize their vision for the TAF Academy. When I was the Sr. Program Officer for Education at the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, we made a significant investment in the vision for TAF Academy.

We invested in the people who would make that vision a reality; we invested in Zithri and his group. Thanks to his hard work, today that vision is reality. Zithri is smart, dedicated, visionary, strategic, humble, personable, and so much more. He is a role model to many, and I very much enjoyed working with him. Given an opportunity I would do so again with no reservations.
— Anson Fatland, Associate Vice President for Economic Development and External Affairs, Washington State University
I have worked with Zithri on various community service and education related projects for nearly 10 years and I must say that the breadth and depth of knowledge he has of the issues facing the community is incredible. When solving problems Zithri has the ability to provide creative, sound and innovative solutions which are based on thorough research and analysis. Zithri’s passion for working and solving issues in the community is contagious and inspires others to join the cause.
— Melerick Mitchell, Talent Development Consultant (former), Microsoft




It is hard work to develop products, services, and programs that have meaningful social impact. That's where I come in. I support my partners and clients in four ways:

  1. Program Development and Evaluation - I partner with people and organizations who fund and operate business accelerators, incubators, and entrepreneurship education initiatives to leverage insights from information and learning science into their programs and evaluations.
  2. Business and Research Strategy Consulting - I work with technology startups and entrepreneurial organizations to improve their strategy and practices for collaboration, research, and business.
  3. Workshops, Training, and Public Speaking - I conduct customized workshops and seminars for teams and organizations on the topics of entrepreneurship, social innovation, STEM education, and the roles that digital and information technologies play in our society. 
  4. Fundraising and Grant Writing - I write and review both public and private grants on fee-for-service basis. Note: I categorically do not perform these services on commission or pro-bono.   


Research and Public service

PhD life keeps me more than busy but I am committed to holding space for projects that align to my experience and interests. Projects I undertake must blend compelling research value and near-term community impact.  


Current Research Projects

Tech Ecosystem Vitality - How do we measure the vitality of entrepreneurial ecosystems including metrics for access and equity among non-dominant populations? I'm currently engaged in multiple studies to illuminate the experiences and contexts of non-dominant entrepreneurs in several major United States tech ecosystems, while also providing tools for measuring our collective and regional progress toward an equitable technology landscape.  This work is largely community-driven and can always benefit from additional support from private foundations, individuals, and corporations. Please contact me directly if you would like to sponsor or partner on current work, or have ideas for future projects. 

Entrepreneurial Thinking - How can tools and perspectives from learning and cognitive science impact the outcomes of entrepreneurship education programs (e.g., accelerators, incubators, STEM schools, online programs)? My forthcoming paper explores this broad question through in-depth exploration of the work with several young non-dominant entrepreneurs.


I am currently working on a collection of essays and practitioner narratives that will be shared as a volume highlighting community-based, social innovation in STEM. The volume centers around my work with Technology Access Foundation (TAF) and includes contributions from prominent educators, industry leaders, philanthropists, public officials, and community members. The volume is scheduled to be completed Fall 2017. For more information or sponsorship opportunities, please contact me.


Impact Advisor and Investment Portfolio (Selected)

  • Wearable Technology (Seattle) - Partner in a wearable technology startup that leverages 3D printing and motion sensors to provide low-cost, custom orthopedic products directly to consumers.
  • Business Innovation (Haiti) - Advisor for an effort to launch a startup incubator and co-working space in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti as part of a global network of over 53 cities worldwide. 
  • Entrepreneurship Education (Seattle) - Strategy advisor for startup nonprofit organization focused on entrepreneurship education for African Diaspora communities in United States and abroad.
  • Design Education (San Francisco) - Founding board member (former) and current advisor to a leading design education program for undeserved youth in San Francisco Bay area of United States.



Thank you for visiting my page. Please contact me directly for information on research, bookings, and current or new projects.